Originally from the West Country, Edward learned glassblowing in Venice in the early 1970s, before setting up his own studio in Greenwich. After over 20 years he stopped working with hot glass and explored landscape art in the form of water features and installations using stone, glass and wood. This led him to taking up photography again and developing a way of turning flat images into 360-degree views: his photospheres. By manipulating up to 80 shots taken from a single spot, he is able to portray in a fascinating way everything that is above, below and to the sides of a viewer, giving either a bird’s eye view (down photospheres), or a view from below (up photospheres).
Edward is passionate about Greenwich, where he has lived for 38 years, and the whole World Heritage Site, and is active in many campaigns regarding local community and green issues.

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40cm square print with 35cm image : £55.00
70cm square print with 65cm image : £75.00

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